Resizing a photo for LinkedIn? Piece of cake! Make sure your pic is a square, 400×400 pixels is perfect. JPEG or PNG formats, save it pixelless, trust me, nobody wants to see a blurry you. If you’re on Windows, just use Paint to resize—quick and dirty. On a Mac? Preview’s got your back. Too much hassle? Try online tools like or They’re like magic wands for your pics. Finally, keep that file under 8MB or LinkedIn will throw a fit. Want to impress those recruiters? Follow these steps! And guess what? There’s still a trick or two left.

Main Points

  • Use online tools like or to resize your photo to 400×400 pixels.
  • Ensure the photo is clear and square to make a good impression on LinkedIn.
  • Maintain the original aspect ratio to avoid distortion.
  • Resize images on different devices using built-in tools like Paint for Windows or Preview for Mac.
  • Keep the file size under 8MB and save it as PNG or JPG to meet LinkedIn’s requirements.

LinkedIn Photo Size Requirements

To make sure your LinkedIn profile photo looks professional and clear, you need to follow the platform’s size requirements. Your photo should be between 400×400 and 7680×4320 pixels. This might sound like a lot of numbers, but it’s important to avoid a blurry or pixelated image. You don’t want potential employers struggling to see your face clearly.

First, let’s talk about the file types. LinkedIn prefers PNG and JPG files. So, if your photo is in a different format, you’ll need to resize and convert it. Also, keep the file size under 8MB. Remember, it’s just a profile photo, not a whole movie.

When you resize your photo to fit these requirements, you’re making sure it looks sharp and professional. No one wants to see a distorted or unclear profile picture. By following LinkedIn’s guidelines, you’re enhancing your profile’s visual appeal. So, resize your photo and make sure it says ‘hire me’ instead of ‘help me’.

Optimal Dimensions for LinkedIn

When setting up your LinkedIn profile, it’s important to use the recommended sizes for your photos so they look great. For your profile picture, the best size is 400×400 pixels. This keeps your photo clear and square, making a good first impression, like a friendly handshake.

If you want to add a background photo to your profile, go for 1584×396 pixels. This size will make your profile look neat and professional, even if you’re still deciding what to have for dinner.

You can upload profile photos ranging from 200×200 pixels to 20,000×20,000 pixels, but they need to be under 8 MB. Resizing your photo to these sizes helps prevent it from looking pixelated or cropped weirdly.

Resizing on Different Devices

Resizing your LinkedIn photos correctly on different devices ensures they look sharp and professional. Imagine you’re trying to upload that perfect headshot, but it looks all messed up because you didn’t resize it right. Let’s avoid that problem, okay?

If you’re using Windows 7, open Paint, and resize your image to 50% both horizontally and vertically. Save it as a PNG file, and you’re good to go. On Windows 8, the process is the same. Resize by 50% in Paint, save as a PNG, and upload to LinkedIn without any issues. Simple, right?

Now, if you have a Mac running OSX, the steps are a bit different. Open Preview and resize your profile picture to 400×400 pixels. For background photos, set the size to 1584×396 pixels. You definitely don’t want your boss seeing a pixelated image. Save it as a PNG file, and you’re all set!

Online Tools for Resizing

Online Tools for Resizing

Several online tools make it easy to resize your LinkedIn photos to the perfect size. These tools help keep your profile pictures from looking all blurry. Check out and These websites let you adjust your image to LinkedIn’s ideal size: 400 x 400 pixels. It’s like having a friend really good at Photoshop!

If you have lots of photos to resize, is super handy. This tool lets you resize many images at once. Think about resizing a whole album without any hassle! Plus, resized photos load faster on LinkedIn, keeping your profile looking sharp and professional, whether on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Let’s be honest, no one likes waiting for a high-res photo to load. It’s like using dial-up internet nowadays. So, go ahead and resize your image to 400 x 400 pixels. Your future boss or client will love that your profile picture is clear and quick to load. It’s a small change with a big reward!

Custom Resizing Tips

Custom resizing your LinkedIn photo helps it fit perfectly within the platform’s guidelines while keeping it clear and professional.

No one wants their face to look all stretched out like a funhouse mirror! Aim for a square shape with dimensions of 400×400 pixels. It’s just right—not too big, not too small.

When resizing, make sure to keep the aspect ratio the same. You don’t want to end up looking like a Picasso painting, right? Use custom resizing to highlight the important parts, like your bright eyes or confident smile. It’s all about keeping the key elements centered and visible.

Think of it as your moment to shine; you don’t want anything taking away from that.

Custom resizing gives you control over how your photo appears on LinkedIn. You’re in charge! It’s your chance to make your professional image and branding stand out without any hassle. No more blurry or off-center photos. You’ve got this!

Uploading Your Resized Photo

Uploading Your Resized Photo

Now that you’ve resized your LinkedIn photo, it’s time to upload it to your profile. This is where your effort pays off. Ready to showcase your professional look? Let’s go!

First, go to your LinkedIn profile and find the small camera icon. Click on it, and you’ll be asked to upload your photo. You’ve resized it to 400×400 pixels, so it will fit perfectly.

Follow these steps to make sure the upload goes smoothly:

  1. Check Dimensions: Make sure your photo is 400×400 pixels. It needs to fit just right.
  2. Check Quality: Ensure your photo is clear and looks good. You want to make a good impression.
  3. Background Photo: If you want, update your background photo too. It adds a nice touch to your profile.

Once everything is set, click the upload button and watch your profile transform. You’re on your way to LinkedIn success!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Resize My Photo to Fit on Linkedin?

To resize your photo, use online tools like or Ensure it’s 400×400 pixels to fit LinkedIn’s circular frame perfectly. Opt for a square photo to avoid cropping issues, keeping your profile professional.

What Size Should Photos Be for Linkedin?

Think of your LinkedIn photos as your digital handshake. Your profile photo should be 400×400 pixels, while your background photo should be 1584×396 pixels. This way, you’ll ensure a crisp, professional appearance that makes a strong impression.

How Do You Get the Full Size Picture on Linkedin?

To get a full-size picture on LinkedIn, ensure your photo meets the platform’s requirements: 400×400 to 7680×4320 pixels. Stick to these dimensions and you’ll have a clear, professional profile image that stands out.

How Should I Crop My Linkedin Photo?

Think of your LinkedIn photo as your digital handshake. Crop it to 400×400 pixels, center your face, and keep all important details visible. Use online tools like to make the process a breeze.


Resizing your LinkedIn photo is as easy as pie—if pie involved pixels and online tools.

Think of it like fitting into your favorite jeans after the holidays; it just takes a little tweaking.

Grab your phone, laptop, or magic resizing wand, and get that perfect fit.

Remember, a great photo can make you stand out like a unicorn at a horse race.

Now, go dazzle them with your resized awesomeness!