Did you know you can get your eyeballs tattooed? Yup, you can turn your peepers into a permanent piece of art by injecting dye into the white part! But, here’s the kicker—it’s seriously risky. You might end up with eye damage, infections, or even blindness. And sorry, you can’t un-ring this bell; removal isn’t an option. Plus, it takes a super skilled tattoo artist with surgical precision to avoid turning your eyes into a horror show. So, before you go eyeball inking, think twice. Stick around, there’s more eyebrow-raising info on this eye-popping trend!

Main Points

  • Eyeball tattoos involve injecting dye into the sclera to permanently change eye appearance.
  • The procedure is highly dangerous, with risks including infection, corneal damage, and blindness.
  • Removal of eyeball tattoos is impossible, making it a lifelong commitment.
  • Only skilled tattoo artists with formal training should perform this procedure.
  • Safer alternatives to eyeball tattoos include colored contact lenses.

Understanding Eyeball Tattoos

Understanding eyeball tattoos means knowing that they involve injecting dye into the sclera, the white part of your eye. If you’ve ever thought your eyes look too plain, an eyeball tattoo might be the extreme change you desire. Unlike colored contacts, this is permanent. Once the dye is in, it stays there forever—no turning back.

Think about having neon green eyes and surprising people at the grocery store. But this isn’t something to do on a whim. It’s a highly dangerous procedure that should only be performed by professionals, like ophthalmological surgeons who are experts with eyes.

Here’s the catch: if you decide you don’t like it later, you can’t just remove it. Laser removal won’t work; it’s as impossible as unboiling an egg. So, if you’re thinking about getting an eyeball tattoo, make sure you’re ready for a lifelong commitment.

It’s a bold statement, but remember, with great freedom comes great responsibility.

The Tattooing Process

The process of getting an eyeball tattoo involves carefully injecting ink between the white part of the eye (sclera) and the thin, clear layer covering it (conjunctiva) with a fine needle. It may sound extreme, and you might wonder why someone would do it. But for those looking for a unique way to express themselves, it could be just the thing.

Your tattoo artist needs to be very skilled for this procedure. This isn’t like getting a tattoo on your arm or leg. They must be extremely precise, similar to threading a needle while on a moving ride. They use water-based ink that spreads between the layers around your eyeball, giving it a unique, permanent color.

Changing your eye color with tattoos is challenging and requires surgical accuracy. It’s like trying to color inside the lines of a tiny, moving picture. Once it’s done, it’s permanent. There’s no easy way to undo it. Some studies suggest possible removal methods, but they aren’t safe yet. So, if you decide to get an eyeball tattoo, be sure you’re ready for a lifelong commitment because your eyes aren’t a place for second thoughts!

Safety Concerns

When it comes to eyeball tattoos, safety concerns are very important. The idea of having eyes that look like something out of a sci-fi movie might sound cool, but we can’t ignore the risks involved. Eyeball tattoos are permanent—there’s no way to erase them. Laser removal? Not possible. It’s like trying to wash off a permanent marker with water. Other ways to remove them? They’re dangerous and really expensive, so you might want to think twice before getting one.

If you still want to get your eyeballs tattooed, make sure you go to someone with formal training, like an eye surgeon. This isn’t your usual tattoo; it’s about your vision. Trying to do it yourself or letting someone without proper training do it’s a really bad idea. It’s like letting a friend with no medical experience give you stitches—just don’t do it.

Doctors suggest safer options like colored contact lenses. You can change them anytime, they don’t cause permanent damage, and if you get tired of them, you can just take them out and go back to your normal eyes.

Risks and Complications

You should be aware that getting an eyeball tattoo comes with serious risks and complications that can affect your eye health for a long time. Sure, it might look cool, but your eyes are super important for seeing and living your daily life. So before you jump into this trend, let’s talk about what you’re really getting into.

First of all, the risk of infection is very high. Your eyes are delicate organs, not tough like your skin. One mistake, and you could end up with:

  • Corneal damage
  • Inflammation
  • Potential disfigurement
  • Improper ink placement

Imagine having to explain to your friends why you’re wearing an eye patch, and it’s not for a costume. Vision impairment and even blindness are real risks, not just scary stories. No one wants that kind of trouble.

Permanent damage to your eye’s structure and function is another big risk. You’re injecting ink directly into your eyeball, and a lot can go wrong. From losing your vision to losing the entire eye, the risks are extremely high.

Choosing a Professional

Choosing a professional for your eyeball tattoo is super important for both your safety and the quality of the tattoo. You need to pick an experienced artist, right? An experienced artist knows how delicate the eye is and can handle the process carefully. You definitely don’t want your tattoo to end up in your retina!

Finding the right artist is like finding the perfect pizza—it’s a must for peace of mind. They should have the skills to create detailed designs and special finishes, making sure your eyeball tattoo looks as cool as you imagined. Plus, a pro can help you design a tattoo that matches your style and keeps your eyes safe.

CriteriaBad ChoiceGood Choice
Design SkillBasicIntricate

And don’t forget to have regular check-ups with an eye doctor after getting the tattoo. It’s like taking your car for maintenance; you need to make sure everything’s working fine. So go ahead, show off your wild side, but do it safely. Your eyes are worth it!

People Also Ask

Is It Possible to Get a Tattoo on Your Eyeball?

Yes, you can tattoo your eyeball. It involves dyeing the sclera and requires an expert. Keep in mind, it’s permanent and risky. If you want a safer option, consider colored contacts instead.

How Painful Are Eyeball Tattoos?

Eyeball tattoos are incredibly painful. You’ll feel intense discomfort or even excruciating pain due to the eye’s sensitivity. Numbing drops can help, but the experience is still highly uncomfortable. Pain tolerance and eye sensitivity are major factors.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Eyes Tattooed?

Imagine a canvas of freedom painted on your eyes. You’ll spend between $500 and $3000, depending on design complexity and artist expertise. Remember, this cost includes consultations, aftercare, and follow-ups to ensure your vision remains clear.

Who Was the First Person to Tattoo Their Eyes?

You’re curious about the first person to tattoo their eyes? It was Luna Cobra in 2007. As a body modification artist, Cobra pioneered scleral tattooing, forever changing the landscape of extreme body art.


So, there you have it—eyeball tattoos! It’s like giving your peepers a permanent costume, minus the Halloween.

If you’re thinking about it, just remember to pick a pro who knows what they’re doing. It’s not like getting a temporary tattoo at the county fair, folks. Safety first!

Risks? Yep, they’re there. But hey, if you’re adventurous, who’s stopping you? Just don’t blame me if you end up looking like a villain from an old sci-fi flick!