So, you’ve got yourself a snake and now you’re stuck wondering what to call your new wiggly pal? I’ve got you covered with some hilariously unforgettable names. How about Hiss-terical Harry for a comedic touch, or go full-on Hollywood with Sssamuel L. Jackson? Feeling regal? Sir Slithers-a-Lot is basically snake aristocracy. For the comedy nerds, there’s Monty Python, a name guaranteed to get a chuckle. Wiggles McGee adds a playful vibe to your reptilian friend. Join Hissper the Friendly Snake, Slithery Sue for some alliteration fun, or go simple with Noodle and Mr. Hiss. Stick around, it gets even sillier!

Main Points

  • Choose names that mix humor and pop culture, like Sssamuel L. Jackson or Monty Python.
  • Opt for whimsical and playful names, such as Wiggles McGee or Sir Slithers-a-Lot.
  • Funny snake names add charm and are easy conversation starters.
  • Names like Hiss-terical Harry bring smiles and laughter in every mention.
  • Select names that celebrate the snake’s nature while being clever and memorable.

Hiss-terical Harry

Naming your snake ‘Hiss-terical Harry‘ is a fun way to show your sense of humor. This funny name adds a touch of comedy and personality to your scaly friend, making it memorable and entertaining.

Just think about the laughs and conversations you’ll start with friends and family, all while showing your love for wordplay and adding some lighthearted fun to taking care of your reptile!

Sssamuel L. Jackson

Naming your snake ‘Sssamuel L. Jackson‘ is a funny and clever tribute to the famous actor.

It’s a great mix of humor and pop culture, sure to make everyone laugh.

This name will make your snake the star of the show and keep the conversations rolling!

Sir Slithers-a-Lot

Naming your snake ‘Sir Slithers-a-Lot’ adds a fun and whimsical touch, making every interaction more enjoyable. Imagine the conversations you’ll have!

Happiness: Every mention brings a smile.

Originality: Your snake stands out.

Bonding: It shows your playful nature.

Funny names like this make owning a pet even more entertaining.

Monty Python

Inspired by the famous British comedy group, naming your snake ‘Monty Python‘ is sure to bring lots of laughs. It’s a clever and funny choice, perfect for fans of pop culture who enjoy witty wordplay.

Plus, it’s a great way to start conversations and pay tribute to an iconic group. Don’t be surprised if your snake becomes the star of the show!

Wiggles McGee

If you want a funny and charming name for your snake, Wiggles McGee is a great pick. Just think of all the laughs and smiles when you introduce your pet! Plus, it makes taking care of your snake more fun.

Here are three reasons to choose Wiggles McGee:

  1. Easy to remember and unique.
  2. Great for starting conversations.
  3. Adds a playful vibe.

Slippery Steve

Slippery Steve is a funny and perfect name that really fits your snake’s smooth, slithery nature.

Just think about the reactions you’ll get when you introduce Slippery Steve to your friends—what a great way to start a conversation!

This amusing name gives your snake a lot of charm and personality, making every moment with your pet a fun adventure.

Embrace the humor and make your snake unforgettable!

Sneaky Sneaker

Why not name your snake ‘Sneaky Sneaker’ to capture its stealthy and playful nature? It’s a funny and clever choice that adds a bit of fun to your pet’s name.

Here are three reasons you’ll love it:

  1. Celebrate your snake’s sly and sneaky behavior.
  2. Highlight its smooth, slithering movements with humor.
  3. Show off its clever and mysterious charm.

Give it a try!

Slinky Sssandra

Naming your snake Slinky Sssandra adds a fun twist to the name Sandra with a playful hiss that fits your pet’s slinky nature.

Imagine the smiles when you introduce her at parties! Funny names like Slinky Sssandra make your snake memorable, adding personality and charm.

Plus, it gives you lots of chances for laughs and shows off your sense of humor.

Fang-tastic Fred

If you’re looking for a fun and memorable name for your snake, Fang-tastic Fred is a fantastic choice that adds humor and charm to your pet’s identity. Imagine the smiles when you introduce your slithery friend with such a whimsical name.

Here are three reasons to choose it:

  1. Playful and Fun
  2. Great Conversation Starter
  3. Adds Humor and Whimsy


If you want a snake name that will make everyone laugh, Wigglebottom is perfect for showing off your pet’s playful side. Picture the smiles when you introduce your snake, Wigglebottom, at a party!

This funny name gives your snake a unique personality, making taking care of it more fun and unforgettable. Plus, it highlights your creativity and humor, helping you and your snake stand out in the best and quirkiest way.


After Wigglebottom, another funny name that perfectly fits a snake is ‘Sssizzle.’ Just think about how your snake’s name alone can make everyone smile! This playful name adds a unique touch to your pet’s identity. Plus, it’s:

  1. Easy to remember.
  2. A great way to start conversations.
  3. Shows off your sense of humor.

‘Sssizzle’ makes having a snake much more fun!

Hissper the Friendly Snake

Naming your snake “Hissper” gives your pet a fun and friendly identity. Imagine telling your friends your python’s name is Hissper and seeing them smile and laugh! It’s a name that’s clever and charming, great for starting conversations. Plus, it shows off your sense of humor.

Memorable and funnyMight be hard to say
Starts conversationsNot for everyone
Reflects your humorCan sound silly

Slithery Sue

Just like Hissper, ‘Slithery Sue’ is another fun name that gives your pet snake some personality. Think about the smiles and questions from friends when you introduce your slithery buddy.

With a list of snake names, you’ll see:

  1. Slithery Sue really stands out.
  2. It shows off your quirky sense of humor.
  3. You’ll build a special bond with your snake, making unforgettable memories.


Many snake owners think the name ‘Noodle’ is a fun and perfect choice for their slithery pets. It’s playful and easy to remember, matching your snake’s flexible and wiggly nature. Plus, it gives your pet a cute and whimsical identity. By naming your snake ‘Noodle,’ you’re adding a touch of freedom and fun to their life!

Corn SnakeMediumRed
Ball PythonSmallBrown
King SnakeLargeBlack
Garter SnakeSmallGreen
Boa ConstrictorLargeBrown

Mr. Hiss

Why not bring some humor to your snake’s name by calling it Mr. Hiss? This fun name highlights the unique hissing sound snakes make and is sure to get a laugh. Picture the smiles when you introduce Mr. Hiss at gatherings or on social media.

Here are three reasons to pick this name:

  1. Guaranteed smiles
  2. Great conversation starter
  3. Charming and funny

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Cool Snake Name?

A cool snake name reflects your snake’s unique traits. Think about mythology, nature, or pop culture. Names like “Zephyr,” “Nyx,” or “Blaze” can evoke mystery and power, enhancing your bond with your slithery companion.

What Is the Coolest Snake?

You get to decide the coolest snake. Maybe you love the ball python for its calm nature, the corn snake for its striking patterns, or the king cobra for its sheer power. It’s all about your taste.

What Is the General Name for Snakes?

You’re asking about the general name for snakes, which is ‘ophidian.’ It’s derived from the Greek word ‘ophis,’ meaning serpent. Ophidians are fascinating creatures, showcasing adaptability and survival skills that’ll surely captivate your adventurous spirit.

What Are Some Snakes Called?

You’ll find snakes called boas, pythons, cobras, and vipers. Each name reflects their unique traits or species. When naming your own, feel free to get creative and choose something that showcases your personality and sense of humor.


So, next time you find yourself staring into the beady eyes of a slithery companion, remember, naming your snake Monty Python or Hiss-terical Harry isn’t just hilarious, it’s practically a rite of passage.

Picture it: you, in your living room, introducing Wiggles McGee to your friends, who laugh so hard they spill their drinks.

You’re not just a snake owner, you’re the life of the party!

So, embrace the humor, because a funny name is a slippery path to endless giggles.